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Clean Air Radon Systems was started by a husband and wife team, Schan and Erika Willis.  They have been married for 13 years, and they have three beautiful children.
In 1994, Schan was introduced to the Radon industry through a local radon business.  As a mitigator for 3 years, Schan learned the ins and outs of radon and the effects it had on the people that lived in high radon level homes. In 2000, Schan graduated from Columbia College Chicago, in which he earned a B.A. in Communications, Marketing Advertising.  After graduation, Schan worked for 12 years in various fields which encompassed sales, home and commercial mortgages, and home security systems.  During this time, he realized the importance of being someone who is invested in ensuring that his customers have a home in which they feel safe, secure, and can raise a family. In 2012, Schan decided to return to the Radon industry.  He was fortunate to continue his training with the local radon business from 1994.  Here is where he honed his skills and became proficient in all aspects of Radon mitigation.  In 2014, Schan earned his Radon technician license.  Two years later, after numerous occasions of positive feedback from customers, he decided to pursue his own radon business.  In May 2017, Schan launched Clean Air Radon Systems.  In this family-owned business, Schan has vowed to ensure that each system will be aesthetically pleasing and perform at a high level for the safety of his customers.

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